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Available for viewing & sea trials

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Need open space? An 18 Sportsman, a 21 Sportsman, or our award-winning 24 Sport Center Console might be just what you need. The 21 and the 24 are available with T-tops, and all three offer optional weather protection like folding bow dodgers. Look at the photo galleries for these models, and you’ll note that they run well with 70-150 horsepower outboards, much less power (and less fuel) than other center consoles of similar size.


How about more weather protection? Soft top or hard? How large a cabin? Now the range of choices gets longer. The elegant 2124, and 27 Seafarers offer both soft and free-standing tops for an open, airy feel while providing the comfort of cabins with bunks, head accommodations, and, on the 24 and 27, options for a galley. For a simpler layout in this class, look at the 21 Sport.



A classic hardtop combining weather protection, a cabin, and a big cockpit for cruising and fishing? The 24 Coastal Hardtop and the 24 Offshore provide all three while running well with only a single 150-hp engine (actually, one of our 24s works well as a coastal charter boat with only a 115). Add the optional teak/varnish package and a custom hull color to create a mini-“lobster yacht.” On a budget but still need the space of a 24’ hull? The 24 Hardtop Sport is your boat.




Contact Steve Brown for more information        360-395-5716 

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